Children's Books

The Three Turkeys Gobble
In this heartwarming tale, join three plucky turkeys as they face the looming threat of becoming the main course of a greedy pilgrim’s Thanksgiving dinner. This festive tale is sure to leave readers of all ages with a heart full of gratitude and a belly full of giggles.
We All Count
This colorful, imaginative and inspiring book teaches kids counting, and so much more! An engaging and enlightening way for children to learn values and life lessons while they are learning their numbers and how to count.
Drippy: The Tale of the Sad Rain Cloud
How do you live with sadness? When a sad rain cloud witnesses a farmer's sorrow from her vantage point over his field, she begins to express her own, and learns that sadness can actually create conditions for joy to grow.
The Influential People of Bardstown
This book, created by the Kindergarten and First Grade classes at Foster Heights Elementary School, features the stories of five influential people in Bardstown, Kentucky. Creating and sharing this book was their imaginative way of making a connection with a local nursing home in their community at a time when it's been a challenge to make in-person connections.
The Bug on a Rug Who Needed a Hug
When Billy the Bug feels bad for tracking mud on his mother's clean rug, he sets out to get a hug from his many farm friends, but in the process gets lost and afraid. When his mother finally finds him, he realizes he can always find a hug from his mother.
Bluegrass Bold: Stories of Kentucky Women
From scientists to engineers, activists, politicians, writers, actors, and more, Bluegrass Bold celebrates and tells the stories of 36 Kentucky women who helped improve the state and the world beyond. Original portraits by Kentucky woman artists accompany each profile.
The Magical Candy Cane
Do you believe in the magic of Christmas? Sarah didn’t until she brings home a magical candy cane named Mr. Andy Candy Cane. Everyone learns the true meaning of Christmas joy with Sarah and Mr. Andy’s help: spending time with people, using our talents to serve others, and sharing with those in need.
Tibu, the Little Bull Shark
In this children's book, Tibu, a little bull shark, lives in Lake Nicaragua. He is mean to other fish and has no friends, so he swims down the San Juan River to the salt water of the Caribbean Sea, then into the big ocean. There he makes new friends and learns important lessons about treating others like he would like to be treated.
The Mystery of Hank's Woods
In this short, adventurous children's book, a boy who lives in a log cabin spends his days exploring the woods, talking to animals and letting his imagination roam free. One day, he hears a strange noise and, following it, comes upon an old mansion deep in the forest. Summoning his courage, he treads up the stairs to discover what is making the strange sound.
Grandfather's Pocket Watch
Author Betty Southard Stokes believes that a healthy family "teaches us right from wrong, endows us with compassion, and gives us generous hearts." Her latest book captures treasured memories of special moments she spent with her maternal grandparents as she was growing up, and shares the story of a special gift her grandmother presented to her when her grandfather passed away.
My Mom, the Lawyer
Is your mom a lawyer? Do you know about the different jobs lawyers do? Read along as kids tell you about their inspiring lawyer-moms. This book is sure to be a treasured favorite and a great gift for the lawyer-moms and aspiring women lawyers in your life!
My Moon Wish
With rhythmic prose that begs to be read aloud, author and illustrator Jane Brown beautifully captures the magic of childhood wishes. Proceeds from the sale of My Moon Wish books will be donated to Make-A-Wish®.
The Adventures of Sid, a Cirpal
Sid, a Cirpal, wakes up with a headache and realizes he’s lost his lunch box. He searches everywhere for it. When he finds it, he learns why he had a headache!
Leslie's Christmas Dream
Betty Southard Stokes wrote Leslie's Dream in 1980 for her daughters, Leslie Ann Stokes and Amy Elizabeth Stokes, to help them learn the true meaning of Christmas.
Three for Dinner
This illustrated children's book tells the sweet story of two mice, Melvin and Peppy, and the lessons they learned through their encounters with a cat named Midnight. The book encourages young children to not fear or believe the worst about people until they get to know them and give them a chance.
Postcards from Abe, 1842-1865: Abraham Lincoln Writes to Lucy Speed at Farmington Plantation in Louisville, Kentucky
These postcards from Abraham Lincoln, written to his friend Joshua Speed's mother, Lucy Speed, at Farmington Plantation in Louisville, Kentucky, are just pretend. But while this fun and educational book may not contain true artifacts, it does provide an honest recollection of Lincoln's childhood, challenges, and career, culminating in his being elected to serve as the 16th president of the United States of America.
Gordon Galloway's Mealtime Makeover
Gordon Galloway is a young cow who loves sugary sweets and struggles with healthy lifestyle habits. Here, readers follow Gordon to school and on a farm adventure that provides an introduction to healthy lifestyle changes and gives parents an opportunity to discuss ways the whole family can make healthier choices, too.
Postcards from Daniel, 1755-1784: Daniel Boone Writes from the Kentucky Wilderness
While this fun and educational book may not contain true artifacts, it provides an honest recollection of Daniel Boone's thoughts and discoveries as he explored the Kentucky wilderness from 1755-1784. Third in a series of historical postcard books created by award-winning Kentucky educator Betty Southard Stokes, this book is a perfect way to teach history to children in a fun, imaginative way.
Unbekannt und Unbeachtet: German Fairy Tales You May Have Missed
Longtime German language teacher and author Gene Moutoux here reprints a selection of fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm in their original German for use as language learning tools. Includes the full story texts, plus vocabulary blocks, footnotes, and a glossary. If you've begun to learn German, this book will be a uniquely fun and adventurous way to develop your vocabulary and grammar.
All Aboard! The Belle of Louisville
Bring your children along for a fun and lively ride on The Belle of Louisville, a steamboat that dates back to the industrial age, a time when steamboats were the rulers of transportation and the fastest roads were rivers.
River Life: A Journey from Headwaters to the Sea
Starting from a small stream in a Pennsylvania woodland, this illustrated educational book follows the seasons of river life along three connected rivers: the Allegheny during spring, the Ohio during summer and the Lower Mississippi during fall. A great addition to children's literature about rivers and river life.
Pele's Forever Home
This children's book tells the true story of a champion greyhound named Pele, who started racing professionally at age two and was retired at age five. Pele won 20 of the 114 races he ran in his lifetime. When he was six years old, he was adopted by Jessica and Paul, who lived in Boston, Massachusetts.
Tiny Toes: A Creative Movement Class for Young Children
Designed specifically for children ages 2-5, this enchanting new book teaches kids to dance using author Morgan Grubola's new M.E.G. (Movement, Expression and Growth) technique. To activate both body and mind, Grubola offers 19 different exercises that develop strength and flexibility, promote intellectual growth, and encourage performance skills in young students — while using their imaginations to dance with fanciful animals of all shapes and sizes!
The Big Bat
This full color picture book tells the story of Katie and her little brother Ace, who want to take a photo of the World's Biggest Baseball Bat, but it's too big! To get the best shot, the kids team up with dinosaurs, jellybeans, jockeys and more, and along the way learn some zany math to discover just how big the Big Bat is! This charming children's book from the Executive Director of the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory is sure to be a home run.
The Tails of Windy Meadows
This full-color illustrated children's book tells the story of a typical day on the horse farm of Windy Meadows Stables, located in the L'Esprit equestrian community of LaGrange, Kentucky. Told through the eyes of the colorful horse characters who live in its barns, The Tails of Windy Meadows encourages horse lovers to visit the picturesque stables where nearly 100 horses—from riding lesson horses to national racing retirees—call home.
Chef Nancy's Kids' Club Cookbook
Chef Nancy Russman has worked in the kitchens of four-star restaurants and received national culinary and humanitarian awards, but her real passion has always been teaching children about healthy food. Here, she lays out easy recipes for fun snacks that teach young people how to prepare healthy foods for themselves — without using knives or stoves!
Postcards from George, 1763-1781: George Rogers Clark Writes to Virginia from the Kentucky Wilderness
This fun and educational collection may not contain true artifacts (as postcards were not invented until after Clark had passed away), but it does provide an honest recollection of George Rogers Clark's thoughts and discoveries through a series of fictional postcards to his brothers, Edmund and William Clark, and his sister, Lucy Clark. This book is perfect for teaching history to children in a fun, imaginative way.
The Man On the Wall
In this touching and true children's story, a young girl discovers the identity of the uniformed man whose photograph hangs in her grandparents' home. She learns about the man's life as he grew from an excited little boy to a young man who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War. The book serves as a reminder of the more than 58,000 lives lost during this tumultuous time in American history.
Louisville Slugger: The Making of a Baseball Bat
Author Jan Arnow's illustrated children's book shows the process of making Louisville Slugger bats, from the forest to the factory to the ball field.
The Sporran: The Remnant Chronicles I & II
After discovering the mysterious powers of a musty old Scottish sporran, sixth-grader Jacob Boyd is plunged into a dangerous adventure deep in the catacombs beneath Edinburgh Castle, where unseen perils—and the fate of the world—await him in the dark. For young adult readers, this is the start of an exciting new series.
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