Tiny Toes: A Creative Movement Class for Young Children

Tiny Toes: A Creative Movement Class for Young Children
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By Morgan Grubola • Hardcover • 11.25 x 11.25 • 64 pages • Includes a 21-track music CD!

Specifically designed for children ages 25, TINY TOES: A Creative Movement Class for Young Children focuses on learning dance through the M.E.G. (Movement, Expression and Growth) technique developed by author Morgan Grubola. This enchanting book allows children to use their imaginations to dance with fanciful animals of all shapes and sizes on an elaborate stage.

Healthy bodies and cognitive growth are closely linked in young children, so engaging them in movement is beneficial on many levels. To activate both their bodies and minds, Tiny Toes offers 19 different exercises designed to develop strength and flexibility, promote intellectual growth, and encourage performance skills in young students. The book, which includes a 21-track music CD, outlines instructional strategies for parents and teachers, as well as exercises focusing on stretches and axial and locomotor movement. Exciting stories about the make-believe world of the stage, produced in beautiful full-color illustrations, describe the dance steps and provide inspiration for the young dancer in your child.

"This provocative and colorful book will be attractive to all parents and teachers of young children and will become a favorite 'how-to' book for the children who learn to power their tiny toes." —Dr. Elizabeth Rightmyer, Early Childhood Specialist

"Morgan's teaching style has truly allowed my daughter to experience the joy of dance and movement." —Priscilla Smith, parent

"Give children the gift of dance and they will grow up forever thanking you, as I did my parents." —Helen Starr, ballerina

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