Cancer in Appalachia: A Collection of Youth-Told Stories, Volume One
This anthology of fictional short stories and poems spotlights cancer's ravaging impact on Appalachian Kentucky. Written by high school and undergraduate students from the region, the authors leverage their own lived experiences and knowledge of cancer to convey realistic stories about the pain and disruption that cancer causes individuals, families, and entire communities across the Appalachian region.
The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia: Kentucky Students Take ACTION, 2nd Edition
Kentucky has the highest rate of new cancer cases and deaths in the nation, with the greatest burden of the disease being in the state's Appalachian region. Through a series of authentically poignant essays, high school and college students detail how they have been touched by cancer, their thoughts on why cancer is so prevalent in Appalachia, and what they think can be done to lower the cancer burden.
Kickin' ALS: A Young Mother's Journey through Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
When Carrey Dewey was diagnosed at age 42 with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), she became determined to spend what life she had left advocating for ALS research and educating people about the disease. Kickin' ALS is a compilation of Carrey's personal Facebook posts, written from shortly after her diagnosis in June 2014 until just before her death in May 2018. It is a powerful and poignant chronicle of one woman's experience with the disease that is 100 percent fatal.
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Transforming Healthcare: Healing You, Me, and Our Broken Disease-Care System
APRN Kim Evans describes how the United States can transform its broken disease-care system into a model of compassion focused on health, wellness, and disease prevention. More than simply criticizing our ailing healthcare system, Evans brings practical solutions that can reform the system from top to bottom.
America: The Founders' Vision
What did our country's Founders really say — about liberty, democracy, the role of states, the military, equal protection under the law, First Amendment rights, and more? Read their original words from the Federalist Papers, the National Archives, various presidential libraries, and other sources.
Norton Memorial Infirmary School of Nursing: History of Excellence
On New Year’s Day 1886, the Norton Memorial Infirmary School of Nursing — the first nursing school in Kentucky — opened its doors in Louisville. Over the next 90 years, more than 1,500 young people prepared for careers as registered nurses. This book, compiled by four Norton graduates, takes the reader through major historical events, medical advances, vast cultural changes, and the evolution of the school.
From a Barnyard to a Schoolyard: My Journey as a High School Principal
Terry Cummins spent most of his life in schoolhouses, primarily as a high-school principal in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. In this book, Cummins, nicknamed "Top Cat" by his students, explains why the hearts and minds of teenagers are mysterious, why parents fail more often than students, why school boards don't have a clue, why teachers go batty, and how principals try to maintain their sanity.
Postcards from Abe, 1842-1865: Abraham Lincoln Writes to Lucy Speed at Farmington Plantation in Louisville, Kentucky
These postcards from Abraham Lincoln, written to his friend Joshua Speed's mother, Lucy Speed, at Farmington Plantation in Louisville, Kentucky, are just pretend. But while this fun and educational book may not contain true artifacts, it does provide an honest recollection of Lincoln's childhood, challenges, and career, culminating in his being elected to serve as the 16th president of the United States of America.
In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World
Today's youth are immersed in a culture of bullying, mass shootings, hate crimes, domestic abuse, violent TV shows, "first-person shooter" video games, and more. This book reveals sobering statistics, anecdotes, and stories that paint a clear picture of the world in which we now live — then provides a comprehensive set of over 400 thoroughly-researched best practices, solutions, and action steps that can help equip our children with the social skills and protective factors necessary to survive and thrive well into adulthood. Includes strategies for law enforcement, school administrators, counselors, psychologists, churches, parents, and others.
Unbekannt und Unbeachtet: German Fairy Tales You May Have Missed
Longtime German language teacher and author Gene Moutoux here reprints a selection of fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm in their original German for use as language learning tools. Includes the full story texts, plus vocabulary blocks, footnotes, and a glossary. If you've begun to learn German, this book will be a uniquely fun and adventurous way to develop your vocabulary and grammar.
And They Said It Couldn't Be Done: Transforming a School District into a Learning Organization
This inspiring and informative book reveals the strategies, tools, and culture that completely transformed the Greater Clark County Indiana School District, with 10,600 students in 19 schools, over a three-year period, increasing its student achievement scores in literacy by 26% and in mathematics by 35%.
"The Stile of This Confederacy...
In this full-color, coffee-table anthology of American history from the Mayflower Compact to the present day, readers can learn about the struggle for Independence, the arguments over Constitutional ratification, slavery and Civil War, westward expansion, America's evolving role in world affairs, and the continuing march toward a more pluralistic society.
Diagramming Step by Step: One Hundred and Fifty-Five Steps to Excellence in Sentence Diagramming
Eugene Moutoux, educator and author, taught at four universities and three high schools prior to his retirement in 2004. He has written books on sentence diagramming, Latin derivatives, and the German language and maintains a large web site that includes, among other things, a German course, Latin derivatives, and sentence diagrams.
Drawing Sentences: A Guide to Diagramming
A penchant for grammar led Eugene Moutoux to a thorough study of sentence diagramming. Throughout his life he has taught at four universities and three high schools, and written books on sentence diagramming, Latin derivatives and the German language. In Drawing Sentences, Moutoux offers anyone interested in sentence diagramming an informative and instructional guide.
River Life: A Journey from Headwaters to the Sea
Starting from a small stream in a Pennsylvania woodland, this illustrated educational book follows the seasons of river life along three connected rivers: the Allegheny during spring, the Ohio during summer and the Lower Mississippi during fall. A great addition to children's literature about rivers and river life.
Rethinking the Teaching of American History
Teachers, scholars, and students of American history will appreciate the combination of practical advice about teaching American history and the examples of first-rate historical analysis found in Rethinking the Teaching of American History. Written with American history teachers in mind, the essays included in this volume will provoke both the novice and the experienced history teacher to rethink how they approach their academic discipline and professional craft.
Hero Tales from American History
In 1895, Henry Cabot Lodge and Theodore Roosevelt published 26 of their favorite stories of American heroism, courage under fire, self-sacrifice, and battles that helped shape America. This is an accurate reprint of those tales aimed at a new generation of American youth, to inspire them to learn more of our history and encourage their own acts of heroism.
Two Centuries of Black Louisville: A Photographic History
Over two centuries and more, African Americans in Louisville, Kentucky have created a community and defined its identity and character while meeting the evolving challenges of slavery, freedom, segregation, politics, economics and cultural meaning. Presenting over 450 historical and archival photographs, this beautiful book tells the story of this community in words and images.
Postcards from Daniel, 1755-1784: Daniel Boone Writes from the Kentucky Wilderness
While this fun and educational book may not contain true artifacts, it provides an honest recollection of Daniel Boone's thoughts and discoveries as he explored the Kentucky wilderness from 1755-1784. Third in a series of historical postcard books created by award-winning Kentucky educator Betty Southard Stokes, this book is a perfect way to teach history to children in a fun, imaginative way.
Postcards from George, 1763-1781: George Rogers Clark Writes to Virginia from the Kentucky Wilderness
This fun and educational collection may not contain true artifacts (as postcards were not invented until after Clark had passed away), but it does provide an honest recollection of George Rogers Clark's thoughts and discoveries through a series of fictional postcards to his brothers, Edmund and William Clark, and his sister, Lucy Clark. This book is perfect for teaching history to children in a fun, imaginative way.
The Man On the Wall
In this touching and true children's story, a young girl discovers the identity of the uniformed man whose photograph hangs in her grandparents' home. She learns about the man's life as he grew from an excited little boy to a young man who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Vietnam War. The book serves as a reminder of the more than 58,000 lives lost during this tumultuous time in American history.
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