In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World

In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World
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Congratulations! In the Line of Fire has won two 2016 Nautilus Book Awards: a Silver medal in the “Social Change” category, and a Gold medal in the “Parenting and Family” category!
Nautilus Book Awards Silver Medal
Nautilus Book Awards Gold Medal
By Jan Arnow
Foreword by Maryum Ali
8.75 x 11 inches
240 pages
Full color throughout
ISBN 978-1-935497-96-7
Pub date: March 9, 2015
Social Science / Violence in Society

What can we do to provide a safer, saner world for our kids?

Our children are growing up in a violent world, filled with bullying, school shootings, hate crimes, bloody TV shows and video games, and domestic violence.

In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World includes sobering statistics, anecdotes, and stories that paint a clear picture of the violent world in which we now live.

Every day in the United States:

  • Four children are killed by abuse or neglect
  • Seven children or teenagers are killed by firearms
  • 187 children are arrested for violent crimes
  • 1,837 children are identified as abused or neglected, and
  • 2,857 high school students drop out

But beyond just portraying the violence, this eye-opening and well-researched book also offers more than 400 commonsense solutions and action steps to stop it, including strategies for law enforcement, school administrators, counselors, psychologists, churches, parents, and others.

For every person who has imagined living in a peaceful world free from hatred, bigotry, bullying, violence, and all other dysfunctional social ills that ruin communities and nations, In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World is an essential and meaningful guide.

IndieFab Book of the Year Finalist

Congratulations! In the Line of Fire has been named a finalist in Foreword Reviewís 2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards, in the Family and Relationship category.

Mom's Choice Award winner

It also became a Mom’s Choice Gold Award winner in June 2016!


"Jan Arnow's book In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World is a comprehensive plan of action for creating environments that will enhance the emotional, social, and physical well-being of children. ... She thoroughly identifies the dynamics of problems that youth face and shares proven strategies and resources. This book is filled with best practices that will have long-term, positive effects on children. The broad scope of information it covers provides the knowledge base needed to create healthier environments for our youth and help equip them with the social skills and protective factors necessary to thrive well into adulthood." —Maryum "May May" Ali, Peace Activist, Gang Prevention Specialist, and Daughter of Muhammad Ali

"Jan Arnow is a peace voice that is worth listening to. With her international experience in the violent world, expect to be challenged, inspired, and equipped by this book." —Baraka Paulette Uwingeneye, Psychologist and Counselor, International Justice Mission, Kigali, Rwanda

"Jan Arnow's books, like Jan herself, are based in reality. Her take on any situation is always practical with an eye toward personal action. Your kids are going to grow up in a violent world, but with Jan's help, you can help them navigate a safer course to a more peaceful and happy life." —Tom Hanley, Assistant Director, Business Development, and Principal Education Specialist, Eastern Stream Center on Resources and Training, Oneonta, NY

About the Author

Jan Arnow is the founder and executive director of Innovations in Peacemaking International, and is an internationally recognized lecturer and authority on multicultural education, violence abatement, prejudice reduction, creativity, and leadership. She is a highly respected and award-winning author of eight books and scores of articles for a variety of national magazines. She is currently working on a teachers' and community guide to In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World, and a new peace curriculum for schools, houses of worship, and neighborhood centers. She also travels to carry her violence abatement strategies to communities throughout the world.

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