"The Stile of This Confederacy...

"The Stile of This Confederacy...
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By Carl B. Nett
8.5 x 11
544 full-color pages
80+ images and illustrations
Carton Quantity: 8
Pub Date: July 2013

An anthology of American history, from the Mayflower Compact to the present day

Learn about the struggle for Independence, the arguments over Constitutional ratification, slavery and Civil War, westward expansion, America's evolving role in world affairs, and the continuing march toward a more pluralistic society.

"The Stile of This Confederacy..., edited, with commentary, by Carl B. Nett, seeks to foster an informed patriotism through historical literacy. Gathered within are the documents, speeches, declarations, poems, arguments, and songs that have shaped centuries of American life. Here, readers are introduced to the very people who influenced and guided our country's formation — in their own words, rather than an interpretation of their words.

With insightful commentary that precedes each selection, this full-color, 544-page history of the American republic is further brought to life by the inclusion of more than 80 high resolution illustrations interspersed throughout the book.

With a foreword by Benjamin Smith, former U.S. Navy SEAL, "The Stile of This Confederacy... reinforces those old-fashioned, indeed timeless, lessons — that nothing worthwhile comes without struggle; that difficulties and injustices, however daunting, must be overcome by patience and perseverance; that worldly success is meaningless without a moral foundation.

About the Author

Carl Benjamin Nett is a former federal officer of the United States Secret Service, with assignments to the Dignitary Protective Division and the Presidential Protective Division. He served on more than one hundred protective details, both at home and abroad, in support of President George W. Bush and then presidential candidate Barack Obama. He has since served in the Intelligence Community supporting the mission of the Central Intelligence Agency in the global war on terror, to include temporary duty in Afghanistan. Nett has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from American Military University. He and his wife divide their time between Louisville, Kentucky and Alexandria, Virginia.


"Having read 'The Stile of This Confederacy..., it is most evident that Carl Nett has a deep concern for and commitment to the roots of our America. He has substantiated my belief that if we, as the leaders and believers of our American way of life, fail to inspire future generations to also believe in America, all can be lost." —Hershel W. "Woody" Williams, CWO/4 USMC. Ret. WWII. Medal of Honor Recipient, Iwo Jima, February 23, 1945

In an era of 24-hour television news channels and endless partisan rancor, Carl Nett successfully appeals to the shared national history of all Americans by reminding us of where we've been — in times of war and peace, prosperity and depression, optimism and despair, discovery and isolation, morality and social depravity. Nett has created a truly valuable work for all those interested in understanding the origins of American democracy and the relentless quest for 'a more perfect union.'" —Bill Richardson, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy under President Bill Clinton; 30th Governor of New Mexico

"Instructive, fascinating, comprehensive, and skillfully rendered. 'The Stile of This Confederacy... admirably illuminates the complex and remarkable history of the American republic and captures that history's enduring significance. This book belongs on every patriot's library shelf." —Edgar Mitchell, NASA astronaut and lunar module pilot of Apollo 14; sixth man to walk on the moon

"This is a masterful work, a brilliant journey into the heart of America's greatness. So good, if I could have my Bible and only one other book, this is the one that I would choose. It is both entertaining and enlightening." —Zell Miller, United States Senator and Governor of Georgia

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