Taking the Shot: The Davidson Basketball Moment

Taking the Shot: The Davidson Basketball Moment
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Softcover • 6 x 9 • 176 pages • pub date: December 8, 2008

The basketball team from Davidson College captivated the country in the 2008 NCAA tournament. It was more than just a Cinderella story. There was a coach who preached balance and family, a boy-faced superstar shooter who wrote scripture on his sneakers and a gritty, smiling point guard who went from being little-used to leading the nation in assists. It all led to a singular moment.

In Taking the Shot, Michael Kruse, a Davidson grad and a staff writer at the St. Petersburg Times, tells the tale of hope, trust and togetherness. This is the story of that moment, and why it meant so much to so many.

From the book: "It wasn't a feeling of imminent victory. What it was was an overwhelming feeling of opportunity. The chance. We can win this. It was, for some alums, particularly for those who had been boys during the Lefty years of the 1960s, something like a reawakening of the possibility of national success. Two days after that, late in the second half of the comeback against Georgetown, one fan turned to his left and looked down his row in Raleigh and saw a white-haired alum with a single tear running down his cheek and then turned back to his young son and asked him to please watch this game close."

From Davidson alum William Robertson: "In that moment, we had in our hearts and minds...the joy of having it go in. Before it was not in, it was as good as in. For that fraction of a second, we had that experience, and it is enough. It is well worth the journey. At least for me it is, and I guess the ultimate point of this...is that I hope it is also worth it for Jason. He took the shot. He gave us that moment. He trusted, and all we can do is be sure our reaction is worthy of that trust."

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