Shar's Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Desserts

Shar's Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free Desserts
Item# BB379

Book Summary

By Sharrie McWhirter
Wire-O Binding
6 x 9 inches
46 pages
ISBN 978-1-941953-82-2
Pub date: May 2019
Cooking / Gluten-Free

28 Delicious Dessert Recipes, All Completely Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free!

When Sharrie McWhirter was diagnosed with celiac disease, she knew she would have to switch to a gluten-free, dairy-free diet.

As she started looking at the commercially available gluten-free and dairy-free foods, Sharrie found very few that were appealing and decided to develop her own recipes. After much trial and error, she came up with the 28 delicious dessert recipes in this book.

Desserts include:

  • Banana Bread
  • Strawberry Bread
  • Orange-Cranberry Bread
  • Zucchini Bread
  • Apple-Raisin Coffee Cake
  • Surprise Coffee Cake
  • Blueberry Cake
  • Cherry, Cherry Cake
  • Bread Pudding
  • Ian's Cake
  • Banana Cake
  • Chocolate Fudge Pudding Cupcakes
  • Coconut Cake
  • Penny's Peach Cake
  • Lime Cake
  • Layered Apple Cake
  • Strawberry Squares
  • Pecan Macaroon Bars
  • Donnie's Brownies
  • Baked Fudge Bars
  • Kevin's Peach Cobbler
  • Mom's Oatmeal Cookies
  • Frosted Lemon Cookies
  • Coconut Macaroons
  • Pecan Crust
  • Apple Crumb Pie
  • Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Chocolate Fudge

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